Appliance Trends: Time is Money

No matter who you are or what you eat today’s highly customization luxury kitchen trend gives you the freedom to design everything from the color to the specifics of the machines functionality. Also in today’s custom kitchen economy, whatever you are there is a product for you, whether you are Paleo or Vegan, Artisan organic or DIY sushi master there is someone out there is found a way to monetize the phase you are going through and get you something that is painfully specific to what you cook. nl

This marks a big shift in the way we tend to personalize our kitchens and spaces in general. We have long been in the Sears catalog paradigm where you get a few options of basically the same things, and in the track homes we found ourselves in they usually have the exact same layout and machines as all of your neighbors and whoever else is in your socioeconomic scale.

BSH is the maker of Bosch, Gaggenau and Thermodor brands, which are more than 500 other exhibitors showed off their goods all this last season in the kitchen and bath trade shows across the country and world. When you work through these the crowd of one of these things there are up to 100,000 dealers, builders, architects, designers and suppliers, for all intensive purposes they are a mad house. The choices are overwhelming, and most of them will never take off. That said, through all of this madness a handful of products stand out and are on the lips and minds of most people who attend. Its these products that change the market going into the next year.

This year one of the big ones was French manufacturer La Cornue which tapped into the influence of Designer Suzanna Kasler in order to create some new very stylish Parisian inspired colors for its handmade ranges. This whole company is going for customization and wants your dishware to be as much a part of the style of your home as the drapes or color. So much so that they give the the freedom to choose your own color. How much freedom? Upwards of 8,000 colors. So whatever you choose or want for your house they should be able to color match it.

nfnAnother thing that was key this year on the circuit was the notion of cooking time and quality to be delivered in a fraction of the time. Easier said than done, because this has long meant that people have made those hybrid microwave toaster ovens you are likely to find at Subway which are really bad, and ruin something with even a little more culinary integrity than Subway (Whattaburgar).

One of the top ovens this year answered the bell with a Middleby debuted its Turbochef line. This oven heats air and moves it at 60mph in a convection. This allowed them to cook a 12-pound turkey in 42 minutes in front of a stunned onlooking crowed of two thousand in Reno Nevada. This is compared to this taking upwards of 4 hours.

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