Big Savings for Little Effort

When caring for your home we usually treat it like a 100 yard dash, and not the marathon it should be, where in it never ends. When we fix up our homes we usually wait until the total failure of an appliance, system, or structure and it ends up costing you way more to over haul an entire project to address it rather than the vigil low cost maintenance repairs that we should all do out of respect for our living space and more importantly our investment. 

Trying to tackle the myriad repairs can be an over whelming task, and many times we do not know where to begin or look. Or on the other hand we go all out on a project we don’t know that much about and end up doing a poor job at a much high cost than is necessary. You should take tasks you are not totally comfortable with some times just as long as you have someone who is more senior than you give you advice so you can build your skills and save money in the long run. However, you should always know where to count your losses and get the pros involved. At the end of the day, they are going to save you more time than you could imagine and do a much better job, thus increasing the value of your home. Time is money and if you do something wrong, or poorly you’re going to be loosing a lot of it.

Thanks to the following quick and clever solutions you’ll gain they eye of the pros and will be feeling the savings the second you begin to incorporate this time tested solutions into your daily lives. Maintenance is love, and if you love yourself and your home you will live the maintenance life, or parish by way of the home owning dingus. 

The thing about maintenance is that it doesn’t have to be scary and hard, and it also doesn’t have to be big things at all. For instance anyone who looks at a wobbly or out of wack chair can probably diagnosis the problem in a matter of seconds, there isn’t much going on there in terms of design or difficulty. More over the chair itself is probably wearing down your floors if you are not careful and protect the feet. This can be done with felt stickers. In terms of the chairs themselves, an investment in some wood glue, screw driver, and a few clamps could easily double and even triple the life span of your chairs. Its this way of looking at your things that sees them as objects that come from materials that are finite that is the starting point for developing a respectful working relationship with your stuff. By seeing things as not in the ikea throw away paradigm you are going to save yourself a lot of money, but you will also help be a change in the world in how we need to start treating our objects with car and respect.

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