Kitchen Hacks: Masters of the Waffle Iron

We’ve all been there, don’t get me wrong “lets not beat around the brunch.” Its time to cook and you have very little inspiration in your kitchen both in the ingredients you have at the ready as well as the tools you have to cook said materials is usually uninspired and ultimately bleak. So you go into your kitchen and what do you do, you cook the same meals with the same materials with the same everything and you fade into a monotonous and bleak existence where each day blends into the next without any difference or joy on the horizon. But there is one thing that might offer a little hope to this cycle of darkness: your waffle iron. I know you’re thinking “how the heck am I gonna eat a waffle everyday day, What I’m gonna spruce things up with a little blueberry ? pa-lease.”oof

The thing is that the waffle iron is one of the most versatile appliances in your kitchen, possibly in the whole world. It offers a quick and effective way to cook an extremely wide range of foods at a very low energy price point. Meaning that given the pressure and surrounding attention to heat you are given the means to achieve an internal temperature with a much lower amount of energy being spent. Consider if you were to heat something in a conventional convection oven. The amount of energy you need to produce needs to heat an entire internal chamber and maintain that heat for the duration of the cooking. Now this is not to say that the waffle iron is going to cook your thanksgiving turkey or be the showcase of your dinner parties. However, most people eat alone or for a small amount of people, so incorporating this bad boy into your daily use is going to save you a lot of time, money and energy for clean ups. This is also extremely versatile and used can be used on the road. mom

From sweet to savory here are a few ways to get most bang for your buck in the kitchen. First way to embody the easy breakfast life a possibility with little clean up is to use the waffle iron for everything you do. For example begin by grating your potatoes finely and squeezing out all the water from it. When jah is fresh you add flour until the consistency is correct then place it in the waffle iron with a little bit of oil. This is another way the Waffle iron will change your life is through the fact that you are going to use a lot less oil when cooking things. When that puppy is golden brown remove it and add your waffle mix with nothing more than a quick wipe. You can add 14 blueberries if you want to be fancy. Boom there is your breakfast, no dishes and a lot of smiles.

Lunch time: get yourself some artisan bread and Swiss with an arugula and pesto spread, in addition to some capitol. Just like that you have yourself a panini press, and saved about $300 in the process.

Don’t forget dessert, Waffle brownies. Just make your standard batter and pour it in and just like that every brownie is a corner brownie.

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