What Are Air Tubs and How do They Work?

People have enjoyed the healing and soothing effects of bubbling bath waters for thousands of years. Nowadays, those seeking calming soaks don’t have to make the trek to the nearest hot springs; there are a variety of tub and jacuzzi options that offer the relaxing massage you need to feel fully invigorated.

Air tubs are a lot like jacuzzis or jet baths, but tailored to the needs of those who prefer a softer touch. They unleash a gentle stream of bubbles just slightly gentler than a whirlpool bath.

air tub2What’s the difference? Whirlpool baths tend to launch a mixture of water and compressed air through pipes and into the backrests of their seating areas, allowing the firm current to be directed at sore muscles. Air baths simply release millions of small bubbles throughout the water in the tub which surround the body and create a more effervescent massaging sensation.

Air tubs tend to be easier to clean and maintain due to their construction; they have air tubes that don’t allow excess water to build up, an engineering detail that prevents mold and mildew from building up in and around the tub’s piping and pump.

Another important difference: air tubs do tend to me more expensive than water-jetted tubs in terms of entry-level price. Water-jetted tubs cost as little as $500, while air tubs will usually set you back about $1200. Once you get to the nicer end of both types, you end up in the same $3000-$4000 arena. You can even get combo tubs, which are by far the most expensive option and cost around $5,000.

So how do air pumps work? They utilize four major pieces of equipment: the air pump, the air manifold, the tub, and the  controls.

As you would assume, without the air pump, your air tub would just be a tub. The pump’s fan sucks air into a housing unit and pushed the air into the air manifold. The air manifold constitutes all the piping that surrounds the tub not he bottom, the sides, or both. It’s usually hidden by a decorative frame of some kind. When the air pump pumps air into the manifold, the air is then forced through very small holes and into the body of the tub.

outdoor air tubThe tub you are likely familiar with. Its holes allow for tiny bubbles to enter the water from the manifold. These bubbles then rise to the surface of the water, creating a light massaging effect. This process can occur with a few variations as dictated by the tub’s controls. Controls may allow users to modify air pressure, water temperature, and even scent and lighting.

If you’re ready to opt into an air tub, you should know the pros and cons of having it in your bathroom vs. having it in your backyard. The outdoor tub may require you to build some kind of privacy structure, access steps, a tub cover, a surrounding deck and other complementary structures that may add to your costs. Indoor tubs may need to be designed to fit into the space you choose, so you may have to get it shaped to your personal optimum dimensions, which can cost extra.

Maintain Your Air Conditioner

It only takes one sweltering hot day to teach you the importance of a functioning air conditioner; past a certain point, heat can have a negative influence on your emotions, productivity at work, and health. Therefore, if you decide to buy an air conditioner, it’s not only going to be worth your money, but it will be worth your time and effort to maintain it correctly. With the help of this article, you’ll have the knowledge to do exactly that.

air conditionerWhen it comes to maintaining your air conditioner, it helps to have a basic understanding of that components allow it to do its duty and where those basic components are located on the machine. Central air conditioners have a condenser and an evaporator. The condenser is generally located outside the house on a concrete slab, whereas the evaporator coil is generally mounted in the plenum or main duct junction above the furnace.

If you have a central air conditioner, its likely connected to your home’s forced-air distribution system, meaning that the same motor, blower, and ductwork used for heating are used to also cool down your house via the air conditioning system.

When you turn on your air conditioner, it causes hot air to flow to your furnace through the return-air duct. It then passes through the cooled evaporator coil in the plenum and chills out before it is redistributed across the house.

It’s important to note that if your air conditioning system is fully functional but your house doesn’t seem to cool as much as you would expect given the energy it’s sucking up, it’s likely that your air distribution system is at fault.

Because your evaporator and condenser are sealed, anytime you want to perform major revisions to your system you really ought to call a service professional. Even if you’re not having problems, it’s not a bad idea to have your central air conditioner professionally inspected and adjusted from time to time, especially at the beginning of summer when it’s about to get put to work.

air conditioner2Again, there aren’t many repairs that you’re fit to perform yourself, but there are specific maintenance procedures that even you can handle. If you choose to allot a little time to maintenance every once in a while, you can keep your system operating at peak efficiency and limit how often you have to call up professionals for necessary services.

The first and most important step? Make sure you turn the power to the air conditioner system (meaning to both the condenser and the evaporator assembly) is shut off.

If you want to clean the evaporator, remove the foil-wrapped insulation at the front of the plenum (and any tape that keeps it fastened in place) and unscrew and lift the access plate. Clean the underside of the evaporator unit with a stiff brush and a hand mirror for improved visibility. Clean the tray below the evaporator unit and pour one tablespoon of bleach over the tray to prevent fungus growth. Then put everything back.

Pick the Right Stove for You

Few people truly understand the difference between a gas and electric stove, yet every home owner has to decide between one or the other at some point. Here’s everything you need to know to figure out which choice works best for you.

gas stoveWhen you initiate the flame of a gas stove, your house’s main natural gas supply releases gas into your stove, after which its combined with air inside a mixer tube. That mixture is then sent through the holes in your stove’s burner, mixing with even more air right before the ignition system lights it on fire and creates the blue flame you’re so used to stir frying over. When you turn the burner knob to make a larger flame, you’re making the mixture more gas-heavy.

Gas stoves can either use a pilot light or an electric ignition system. Stoves with pilot light systems constantly burn a blue flame near the burner. This wastes a lot of gas if you don’t use your stove very often, but makes more sense in industrial kitchens. The electric ignition system is what you’ve more likely seen in people’s homes. It creates a spark (the clicking noise) only when you turn the burner on.

electric stoveWhat about electric stoves? The heat given off by electric stoves is emitted from an internal coil that sits underneath the cooking surface. A turn of the stove’s dial allows for a current of electricity to flow through the coil. Some of that electricity is lost during its journey through the coil and instead converts to heat. The more you turn the dial, the more electricity flows to the burner and the hotter it gets.

So which one’s right for you?

If you’re interested in cooking difficult recipes that require a lot of accuracy, you’re going to want to go stove. The dial turn of a stove has a much more consistent affect on the increase in heat on the burner, plus the flame itself is visible to the user. Electric currents aren’t quite as easy to monitor, so you’re less likely to know how much your stove is heating up.

Gas also wins in terms of energy efficiency. It takes about three times as much energy to produce and deliver electricity to your stove than it takes to run gas to your burner. Provided you have electronic ignition (as opposed to a pilot light), your gas stove will yield less than half the utilities bill damage done by an electric stove.

Finally, when you turn off a gas stove, it cools down much faster than an electric stove does. The electric coil design tends to create a heat that dissipates a lot slower than that of a snuffed-out flame. That means if you turn the stove off but leave a pan on the burner, your food may transform from well done to over done behind your back.

So why do people like electric stoves? Hard to say. Besides heating up faster, they have little to offer.

Top 4 Appliances for RV Living

Whether you’re planning to spend one week or the rest of your life in an RV, the quality of your experience is going to be largely affected by the appliances you have handy. “Different strokes for different folks” definitely applies here; some people are going to want to cart around an all-in-one washer-dryer, others don’t mind stopping at the laundromat but can’t feel at home without filtered water. The key is to notice your tendencies while you’re living in your stationary home and figure out the best way to translate those habits into a more nomadic setting. Here’s some info about your options so you can choose what’s best for you:

Filtered Water

Depending on where you’re traveling, your drinking and washing water may have tastes, smells and sediment contents that make you uncomfortable. If you opt into ensuring your cleanliness and save=ing on bottled water, you have multiple options when it comes to investing in a water filtration system for your RV.

Filter all the water-

You can process all your water before it enters your RV by purchasing a water filtration system that attaches to your RV’s hose. You can get one of these handy devices along with brass hose fittings for under $30 (Omnipure K5667, 3/4″ brass hose fittings).

britaFilter only your drinking water-

Here you also have a variety of options. You can either get an under-sink system installed so that your kitchen tap provides filtered water or, if you don’t mind washing the dishes with unfiltered water, you can just buy a standard water pitcher with a filter built in and keep it in your fridge. The Brita White Everyday Pitcher is highly rated and holds up to 10 cups of water for under $20. The only real issue with that option is the sacrificed fridge space.

Stove Topper

With proper organization, an RV’s kitchen can be spacious enough to accommodate most culinary needs (although an oven tends to be out of the question). That said, if space is not properly utilized, the kitchen can be not only cluttered and claustrophobic, but legitimately dangerous.cutting board

That’s why so many RV owners opt into a stove topper, which is generally a durable slab of polyethylene or cutting board material with a matted bottom that allows for grip and quiets stove rattling. Lay that sucker down and you can cut up carrots in the space generally reserved for stir frying.

Stove toppers are handy but surprisingly expensive; a good one like the Camco 43753 will cost you around $30. Still, for the ease and space it provides, it might just be worth the cost.

Fridge Bars

fridge barKeep these from being an afterthought- you’ll save yourself some time and Tapatio. Fridge bars are rubber-tipped, spring loaded plastic bars that can be installed alongside the shelves of your RV refrigerator doors. They’re a low cost ($3.99 on adventure.net) way to avoid spilled and wasted condiments.

Outdoor Grill

When RV living makes the world your backyard, you’re going to want to barbeque. You’ve got a lot of options in the portable grill department,  with prices ranging from $60 to $3500. For the RVers traveling on a budget, I’d recommend the Coleman RoadTrip Portable Gas Grill ($95). It’s a highly-rated grill that has all the most important amenities without forcing you to splurge on the bbq lover’s bells and whistles.

How to ensure security factors at home?

Building a home is not an easy task. One must investment more money and hard work to come up with their dream home. But it is to be noted that the entire dream will go in vein if the security features of the home is not good enough. The security features are not the one which is done after building home. But there are certain security factors which are to be framed while making the building plan. It is the duty of every investor to insist their engineer to build a securely home for their family. This article is especially for such people who are seeking for a secured environment. The following are some of the security factors which will help in enhancing the safety at home.

Storm doors

Strom doors are the best option for the people who are living in an area with bad weather. These storm doors will be placed in front of the exterior door and they are also highly used for ventilation purposes. The main intention of fixing this door is they will protect the interior from bad weather. Basically the storm doors will be highly transparent with glass panels. These doors are also readily available in the market with different design and materials. Thus, one can choose the one which can well assist their exterior. Usually the storm doors are made from materials like wood, aluminum, fiber glass and plastics. It is all up to one’s interest to choose the best among them.

Security cameras

The security cameras will help in protecting the home and family members to a greater extent. With the surveillance camera one can easily protect their home from theft and other external threats. By installing these cameras one can also track the happenings in their home even if they are far away. Even though this sounds to be mission impossible, today there are many advanced surveillance cameras in the market which can be used for these enhanced needs. There are many security systems in the current market whose workings can be operated right from mobile phone. But it is to be noted that to enhance the security level to a greater extent, the best security systems must be used. The system must also be compact and easy to handle. And they must also be capable of withstanding the atmospheric changes.

Fire alarms

Fire alarms are one of the best security systems which must be installed in every home. Even though this sounds to be simple, they can help in preventing huge property loss. Hence this system must be taken into consideration while planning the building or there are certain alarm models which can be installed even after the construction. This system will raise alarm immediately when the smoke gets exerted. With the advanced alarm system, one can come to know about the fire at home even if they are away from home. This is because the system will send alert to mobile and hence one can initiate better to stop the fire.

High quality fridge repair service by Viking

The Viking fridge repair service is the most famous for providing services of the electronic home appliances in a professional way. They are specialized in the repairing services of fridge, gas oven, steam oven, induction cook tops, wine cellars, French door refrigerators, and wall ovens and so on.


The services provided by Viking are very excellent to the customers and rectify the problems on the appliances in a safer way. They are handling all types of effects on the fridges such as leaking water, inconsistent freezing, dim lighting, faulty doors, over freezing or any other broken or cracking shelves and trays. The greater advantage of using this service is to offers a great deal to the customers to mention the defects as well as rectify it as much as possible.

The Viking technicians are well experienced and talented professionals for servicing the Viking appliance products so they can handle any types of defects in the easiest way. The Viking fridge repair service is providing excellent first class services to the customers and making a faulty fridge to become a new refrigerator. They are providing 24×7 supports to the customers if they have any queries or issues in their appliances and they will rectify the problem with its technical team. Therefore the Viking service helps the customers to save money and time by providing its amazing services to them. Let you make a call to the Viking home appliance repair services and rectify your faults within few minutes by the professional service man.

Things Need to Consider Before Choosing Door Services

Don’t underestimate the importance of doors in the home, that’s one of the best parts of home to enhance its external beauty of the home. Most of the visitors of the home are invited with from the entrance so they need to give more importance for the quality and durability of the door before them planning to buy. There is good number of materials available for different choices of doors, if you planning to buy then it are essential to know the availability of doors in the market.

doorIf you looking for trendy and modern designs there are lot of designs which could easily attracts the eyes of visitors. During the home renovations process obviously need to do little care with door services, there are different services accessible online, either you looking for front door services, indoor services, garage door services whatever be the need of door services you can easily obtained possible information with doing little search online.

Enhancing the look of home with perfect door service

Definitely to enhance the look you require going with home renovation and repairs with regular intervals. Certainly you can render service from the door services, they will more works regarding the home improvements even for door services, repairs, or even if need they replace new doors with the professional experts. Surely this will reduce the unwanted cost of repairs for doors in future. When you decides to buy new door for home, then its right time to purchase from the door service experts, they give pleasing welcome in the entrance with stunning collections of designs for the front door, back, interiors and wherever you need they offers different choice of doors and various sizes are available, just need to choose according to the size of home.

It’s important to consider the material of the door before you buy, and find out the perfect style of doors what you looking for everything can be designed and worked according to your expectation by the door service experts. Doors are made with wood, fiberglass, or steel material and some other choices are available, these materials of doors ensure durable, safe and even offers good look. Choosing the external door will make big changes to the overall look of the home. Front door is getting more importance when compared to other doors because this is something need to give more importance to improve the quality and beauty of home.


There are some basic steps need to consider while doing service for the doors, it’s better to go with experts from the door services. Many of them tried to do it on their own but actually it’s better to find the best door repairs services. Internet is great source of information provider; if you looking for best services for door repairs and home renovations there are numerous services available online even for door repair everything can be accessible online with affordable service and reliable price. Huge range of information and variety of doors available you can easily find out the targeted information what you looking for through online without moving out.

How To Take Care Of Flooring And How To Keep The Looking Even More Fantastic

Really its daunting to take care of the floors in our home, there are lot of process involved with the floor cleaning. The beauty and importance of flooring is entirely depends on cleaning and maintenance of it. The maintenance of floors is better when you choose the right method with the cleaning devices. Floors are very essential part of home which enhances the entire look of the surface and so it’s compulsory to vacuuming, removing the dirt, mopping with electrical appliances and may need damp towel at times.

flooring1The choice of flooring will dramatically improve the look of room and so that’s why it’s important to choose the right material and product for flooring. There are different choices of flooring materials available but it’s significant to choose the right one, some of the popular flooring options are carpets, laminate floors, ceramic tiles, hardwood flooring and linoleum are commonly used flooring in the homes.

Clean with care the flooring in your home

If you think it’s time to clean the floors then, first of all think the flooring options and based on that choose the proper method of cleaning. For instance if you have wood flooring then it requires waxing to extend the life of the floors, so that it enhances the shine of flooring for long period. With this flooring it’s not easy to clean with regular methods like mopping because it affects the wax coated on the floors, so be sure to clean the floors with appropriate method and don’t use any liquids to clean the floor, because this damage the floor. Vinyl flooring if you installed this in your home then you can use damp mopping with warm water which gives natural shine and reduces the dirt on the floor. Wet mopping also suggested cleaning the type of floors; this is good alternative to clean the floors.

Tips to protect the floors

Before installing the floor tiles make sure that is it right choice for your room and ensure that tiled floor lasts for long period. Be careful while handling the floor tiles and tiles may break if you dropped. Maintaining the floors is important thing which keeps up them to look elegant. Do you know we walk stomp, spill and even smudge sometimes with our shoe legs, so this not only makes dirty the floor and makes it much harder to clean up so requires often sweeping and mopping the floor for obvious reasons? Once you have been swept the floor on regular basis this will not accumulate the dirt so makes sparkling floors like a diamond.

flooring2Carpet floors are commonly used flooring in most of the home and they are available in huge range of sizes, colors, patterns and with different textures as per choice of your taste you can find the good one. Carpet cleaning services are more in number and they are more experienced to clean the carpets with reliable price, so easily you can book the service online to clean the carpets. The only important thing need to know is find out the choice of floor and pick the right method for floor cleaning with different techniques.

Keep Yourself Comfort With Advanced Home Appliances And Gain More Benefits

Home appliances is gaining more popular today with the advancement of technology many electrical and mechanical products are came in to existence. However with the increasing speed of day to human life the need for home appliances grow and everyone enjoys the benefits with the appliances whether its small or large appliance the need and use of the everyone is amazing makes the life much more easier and provides utmost comfort and convenient with their use.

home1If you decide for shopping the home appliances then first take a deep look about the availability of appliances in the market and are sure about the need of appliance and the purpose you want. Shopping the home appliances is really more interesting especially for women, if you are in idea of remodeling the kitchen or planning of new kitchen then find out the essential appliances which makes your life even more enjoyable.

Tips to shop smartly without hassle

Before start planning to buy home appliances set a budget for the amount you need to spend for the appliances, many people opt for used appliances but that doesn’t look good, sometimes this may ends with lot of troubles with the appliances. If the reason for your desire to buy a new appliance is because the old one broke, then wait; it would be worthwhile to call a reputable appliance repair company to fix your appliance, which will be significantly cheaper than buying a new one. For example, Samsung fridges often develop ice build up behind the back cover, preventing the fan from blowing properly. This is a 10 minute fix, but to someone inexperienced it may seem like a significant issue and they may end up throwing a good appliance out, when all that was needed was to get a free estimate from Samsung appliance repair specialist

While shopping for the new home appliances look for the energy efficient and that saves more energy and cuts down the electric bills. This is valuable information need to look for when shopping for new appliances. yet another important thing is to find out the perfect size of the appliance you need to buy, some buyers may go with wrong decision while choosing the size of the appliance they chose big one which doesn’t fits the room or too big for the space.

It’s better to take the measurement of the space you need to buy the appliance for instance if you would like to buy refrigerator then find out the exact size you need so that save you from trouble. Understanding the warranty is important factor need to consider before shopping the home appliances. Before start making your purchase find out the extended warranty and other features which would be produced by the manufacturer in case of any defects.

Various choices of home appliances for both small and large

Small kitchen home appliances are includes in this list such as bread toaster, griller, coffee maker, microwave oven, juicer, food processors, induction, blenders, mixer and more. Cleaning appliances such as washing machine, steam cleaners, steam mops, vacuum cleaners, are very essential house cleaning devices gaining more popular choice for the household items. Steam irons, garment steamers, room heaters, electric fans, humidifiers are essential home appliances used commonly by the people in their day to day works.

home2Some of the large appliances such are refrigerator, air conditioning, washing machine, clothes dryers, dish washer stoves are important types of appliance requires with good quality, so that easily save energy and money. You need to consider about the budget before you shop the appliance check online to the best prices offered in the market. There are numerous brands manufacturing the same product but the standard of the product may differ from one brand to other so give little importance to it.