Say Hello to Elio a 3 Wheeled Power House

If you thought you couldn’t possibly own a new car for $7,000 dollars you would be right at any other time in history. However today, that is all about to change because we are entering a brave new world of car ownership in the form of the Elio’s 3 wheeled car that is coming in right around that price point. And oh yeah it also gets 84 MPG if you’re in to the whole, saving money and the planet thing.

The Elio company claims that it is locking in on its prices for different levels of reservation holders. If you are willing to put down a deposit, there is good news you will get about 500 dollars of if you are willing to make the non refundable commitment. This is because Elio really needs capital because they have not been met with a lot of fan fair or even respect from the general public or car buying public in general.

But when we think about what is going to be the most fuel efficient and affordable car on the market then there is really no rival, if they can actually stand and deliver, a task that is easier said than done. But all things considered we are on the predispose of something that could be pretty remarkable if it can take off and be something special.

The company has announced that it will be having the official pricing for its three wheeled vehicle that is running a cool $7,300. The announcement was made in an email sent by company founder Paul Elio (I wonder where he got the name for the company) which also said that the company has gone public and has planned out the option ordering system for the car.

The Elio is something that hasn’t delivered a single car to date, yet to a customer and it needs loans to start its production in the USA so don’t hold your breath if you think you are going to get it when they said they are going to be able to produce them, because as is the case you will probably be waiting a very long time. This is going to save you big times on your energy bills.

So the catch is if you were to say it is that you are likely going to pay the $7,000 outright to purchase an Elio three-wheeled car, but that payment is non-refundable. You are going to essentially going to be running the risk that the company will go bankrupt before you ever get the car, rendering your $7K a total waste and you would get nothing back except a fat headache. That is the risk you gotta take if you want one of these things because if they ever actually get their production up and running then you can imagine that it is safe to say that they are going to be working through all the back orders for so long that it will be months or even years before you can buy one on the open market. But that is just one mans opinion. What the Elio represents is a new trend in transportation and frankly I’m excited.

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