The Next Generation of Consumer Integration


We are in the midst of one of the most fundamental changes to the fabric of the way we live more so than any other time in human history. The only times which are comparable can be understood in terms the advent of first developing agriculture, then onto the automobile, and then the advent of electricity infrastructure and grids. What makes the next wave which we find ourselves in is that it is none which is self improving to a large degree, and whose potential and speed of growth is exponential. What this means for its affect will go further than something like the advent of electricity or personal mobility because the later are things whole end is understood in the advent of their creation. What I mean by that is that in some respects the logical conclusion or end for these things is already understood when you set out in their creation. However, when it comes to tech, this is simply not the case, and we are left to consider where it will go with nothing inhibiting our creative or logistical en devours. This is both one of the most exciting as well as cautionary or frightful reality about both the history of the human race, as well as the future of the planet and its sustained existentialist and potential for relative peace. The things that we can understand most about this reality is that tech is going to find a way to infiltrate and alter the course of every things and institution we operate with and under in our daily lives today, In many respects it already has. Where this road goes is entirely unknown, However it is the most substantial things we should negatived or will ever navigate. The time to ask the questions that pertain to these issues of morality and reach need to be asked in our philosophical or policy circles more so than our tech circus because many times our moral en-devours are pushed to the way side in an effort to make rapidity of change constantly increasing and keeping us unable to ask questions of whether or one we should do something, and only ever ask if we can do something. This is wrong headed and needs to be the core of our social and political discourse of the millennial generation. When we look a generation back to the cold war we see a time where there was a sense of mutually ensured destruction on both ends of those who fought in it. Today there is very much a reality shift, where it is a final global agenda, where in there is little to no sense of things being world ending or changing in a catastrophic way. Essentially we are operating under the guise that we are incapable of being harmed by any enemy domestic, that we fail to see the treachery of ourselves as being ourselves. Thus we are caught in a kind of blind security where our next great innovation, may be our last. And that’s the way the cookie crumbles.


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